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Bang for buck 940 redblock tuning .

Yawn, I know he has , hence my comment ! as already stated this is for as cheep as possible while still having a reliable car , despite what you think my cars work very well , am I just supposed to have your opinion ? publish the same thing your way and you won't find me bitching , highlight single issues and I'll do my best to address them and explain why I've done that .
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I've done a few updates of this , changed a few bits as appropriate and added some how to of the simple parts of this build I've also tried to add some more details of why I've chosen to use what I've said , I'd stress again that this is by no means a definitive guide simply what I've found works cheaply . I am trying to take everyone's comments on board it's in artical composition for this exact reason , unfortunately this does tend to be very uk centric .