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Bertone Pic


vacuum leaks
Nov 12, 2002
Portland, OR
Thought you guys might appreciate this. My dad's a volvo mechanic here in Portland and he had to do some wiring in this sweet bertone.
I woulda gone all yellow personally.


ps. thats my POS behind it. :)
Dude that thing is tight!
Needs a flat hood imo, but very nice!! (yes I know that is sacrelige on a bertone);)
The flares and side skirts make it look a lot like the Euro Sport Tuning built Bertone, but that one had a different front spoiler and it was red with a flathood. Maybe they built this one for a customer?
the wheels are 17x8 cobra rims with wheel spacers. i would like the flathood also. the sideskirts were totally custom fabbed by straightline autobody. the bumper was collapsed. here are some more pics.







Looks like there are dual fans on the radiator...tight.
Imagine what the skirts/body mods would look like on
a wagon or sedan...Mmmmmmmmm :beer:
By the way, I love that new ecode... GNS
I'd like to know how you made the center caps for the wheels...Thats a nice perfectionist touch! Nice Job all around!
22 years of my dads driveway homework got the driveway stained. the engine is the stock v6 motor... not my pick but its not my car either. wheels were put on with adapters i dont know if he modified the wheel wells, because i would never had guessed that 8 inch wide wheels would fit on a 262... especially with wheel spacers
18x8 wheels can fit a 200 series with the proper offset and 225 width tires. Wider may be possible, but the front has to clear the lower spring seat.