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Blow off Valve on an 240 turbo 83


New member
Apr 20, 2003
This year I will make some mods to my brick, starting to swap to manunal trans, installing the Intercooler, take my turbo to change some seals?, and install a Blow off valve, the last I try to find a dealer for BOV in USA on the Internet, but I did't find for volvo 240 turbo...

my questions:
1- find a website delaer for BOV to my brick?
2- This modification, will increase my HP?
3- How much I have to pay for BOV


1) Don't need a BOV specifically made for a Volvo, its merely a vent.
2) Nope, Won't increase your horsepower. If your running higher boost it will help power lost/boost loss between shifts, if its a manual.
3) You can pay anywhere from $50 to $500 or more, depending on what you get.

This topic has been adressed trillions of times, 240's work fine with BOV's and the CIS system. Try the search, it will give you all the details.
I have one and love it. Even when I was running stock boost. It's nice to have a spooled turbo ready to give you power after each shift. and sometimes if you let off the gas on the freeway, then come back on... it ready for action. So much fun.

If you get one, buy it off of Ebay. Search around. I got a brand new Greddy Type S for way cheaper that online stores were selling it. Even cheaper than most ebay listings... do your research... you'll find what you need.

good luck

I agree with mayday, with all the masses of good bovs out there, there is little need for the porsche/bosch bov which leaves much to be desired for a performance application.
edmartz said:
Although that does say it "needs a BOV", that is not true. The idea is that a BOV will vent air that has already been metered by the airbox, which will make the kjet system to think there is more air in the system than there is, and it will inject "too much" fuel. However, the rich condition is so small, there are no noticible effects (and certainly no damage done). It has been done before, succesfully (read other links in this thread) so you will be just fine using a BOV.
Thanks by all your answers!,
Just only I have another question: Where I find the step-by-step or how-to the installation of the BOV on my brick?

1. mount bov inlet to pipe between IC and tb.
2. run vaccum line to port on intake manifold hopefully closest to the tb
3. unscrew the valve all the way out (wont open)
4. while "spiking" the throttle pulley... screw down the valve until the valve shuts as soon as the throttle plate is slammed shut
5. go test it out. you will most likely find that its staying open longer or opening when you arent in boost.

5a. i adjusted mine so that it wouldnt open unless i was under positive pressure

have fun, dont say i didnt warn you that you should have gotten a hyprid fx like i did because after a few months of driving you will want it to shut up a bit. (or maybe mines sickingly loud when its wide open)
I have a HKS racing BOV with a Pop-off Valve on it. You are going to have take your IC pipe that runs from the IC to the TB to a good welder that can weld alumnium really well. If you don't then you will lose pressure and your car won't run right. On my style of BOV, I can swap out the spring for higher boost. I'm currently running a 14-18 psi spring. It is way louder and crisper . I'll post pics here shortly.