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Blown headgasket, need to get home.


New member
Mar 4, 2023
Hey guys not really sure where I should post this, but I’m in quite an emergency situation. I am currently driving home my 79’ 245 with a carbureted b230f however my headgasket let on the i5 heading north near Bakersfield California. I have tools, and the skillset to change it out myself however no parts store can get me the gasket till Tuesday, and I have to be home 323 miles away in Santa Rosa by 4:30pm tomorrow. Desperately searching for a headgasket at minimum so I can get home. If anyone has any leads please reach out to me either replying here, or my phone number 269-501-9156
Oof that's rough. Let us know how the pregress goes. Small chance I have one in Davis and might be able to get it to ~stockton by tomorrow morning.