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Bolt size thread

I had luck finding the camshaft chart on the wayback machine. May be your best bet as of right now
Here's the version from Google cache.

...and a copy/paste of the first post for reference:

Thermo Time Switch = 14mm x 1.5
ECU Temp Switch = M12 x 1.5
Exhaust Studs = 8mm x 1.25
intake nuts = 12mm head
Thermostat Housing = 10mm Head
Valve Cover = 10mm head
Timing Belt Tensioner = 17mm Head
Camshaft Gears 17mm Head
8v valves
Head diameters 1.732" intake/1.378" exhaust
overall lengths 4.350" intake /4.365" exhaust
7.955-7.970mm Stem diameter
Std four keeper groove
Valve seat angle 44.5 deg
seat width in cyl head, 1.3-1.9mm intake, 1.7-2.3mm exhaust
b230 fuel rail fitting = m14 head, m6 thread

Oil Pressure Sender B230 = M14 x 1.5
Oil Drain = 3/4" 16tpi
Oil Filter = 29mm head 3/4" 16tpi thread
Turbo oil feed = 14X1.5mm
Crank Nose Bolt = M14 x 2mm pitch x 70mm l
Drain Cock = 18mm Head
Oil Pan = 12mm head
Oil Pump = 1/2 Head
Con Rods = 10mm Head, 12 point
Main Bearings = 19mm Head
freeze plugs (b230) = 40mm
dist block plug (b230) = 40mm
fuel pump block off m thread
aux shaft plug = 52mm
water pump = 10mm head x 6.0mm X 1.00mm.
motor mounts (on block) m thread

TD04-13C oil feed = M12 x 1.5

Bell housing Bolts = 3/4 head, 12mm x 1.75 thread

Radiator/ IC
Screw in temp sensor = M22x 1.5

Powerstroke ic = 3.25 in/out

Lower Cherry Brace Bolts = 10mm x 1.5 pitch x 25mm l
Lug Nuts 240 = 1/2" x 20tpi
Lug Nut 700 + newer = 12mm x 1.5.
700 sedan (4 cyl), Front 6.5"d, .540" wire, 5 active coils. 118
lb/inch. Rear 4.75"d, .405" wire, 7 active coils. 70 lb/inch.
700 wagon (4 cyl), Front 6.5"d, .571" wire, 5 active coils. 147
lb/inch. Rear 4.75"d, .495" wire, 7 active coils. 156 lb/inch.
700 rear (irs) 5"d, 11/32" wire,
200 diesel, Front 6.5"d, .550" wire, 5 active coils. 127 lb/inch.
strut tubes, 53mm (2.086")

Fuel Filter = 12mm/out 14mm/in
700 Dist Cap = 8mm head

AN Fittings FAQ
AN (Army-Navy)
The AN (Army-Navy) standard was established many years ago by the US
military to set a common measurement for hose and fittings. It designates
the outside diameter (O.D.) of the ridged metal tube that is compatible
with each size of fitting. Still today, this AN dash standard is the
benchmark measurement for military, industrial and the performance hose
applications. These dash sizes are expressed as the numerator of the
fraction, with the denominator always being 16. For example, a -04 port is
4/16 or 1/4-inch.

its all cut/ paste, so it may/ may not be correct.
Here's the version from Google cache.

I'm not very familiar with Google cache, but it doesn't seem to want to advance beyond page 1. I hope it can be restored It's a valuable resource .
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