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Bougicord wires going bad

Dirty Rick

Active member
Apr 10, 2013
Cornholio, OR
Why are my Bougicord plug wires failing? Lifespan?

Car didn't pass smog and started popping under boost.
Plugs 1 & 4 were dark 2&3 were clean (oh that's not good)
The resistance on 3 of my plug wires had opened up.
Grabbed the box of old spares to get it rolling again, and found all of the spares had opened up.
These wires have not been man handled and show no external signs of damage (installed with silicone grease).
I tried shortening 2 wires to fix them, assumed damage at plug end. No joy, it's like someone sucked all the carbon off the fiberglass core..... JUNK

These wires are supposed to be the Good Stuff [tm]? I thought my ohmmeter was broke!

Running wasted spark with a Bosch 106 coil (VAG oem)

Going to try a set of Premium NGK wires. any thoughts?
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Are they 3 years old or more? Then they are junk. I've never thought they were all that great since the 90s when I noticed they don't last more than about 3 years here in the salt belt. I've had OK experience with the NGK ones but they didn't last much longer. The nicest wires I've bought lately were close out ones from Rock Auto. They were mag core with premium silicone insulation. For much less than the bougicrap.

Try to always buy mag core wires. The design is a better longer lasting design than the fiberglass carbon impregnated wires. I've also had brand new out of the box bad bougicord crank position sensors, too.
They were at one time excellent going back to the early 90?s into the 2000?s when I used them on Volvo?s and classic Saab 900?s. 3 or so years ago I got a set that was total junk. The fit on the plugs sucked and it was obvious overall quality had gone downhill. Returned them to FCP and went with the OEM Volvo?s which also have a higher heat rating. They last a very long time although they are like $70