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Braking system upgrade?


New member
Feb 19, 2006
Brookfield, CT
Looking to give my stock braking system (on the 745) the boot and get some better stopping power.

Nothing crazy, just to help bring a load to a stop when I'm towing. Not looking to autocross...

What's the consensus on a good system?
The consensus is probably that you should get better pads (and tires).
I like PBR/AXXIS Ultimate pads.
The next step is more than you want.
Try Mintex pads, I put them on my car and I love them, no complaints so far.

I would try Mintex brake pads, availible from FCP Groton, Some fresh DOT4 brake fluid, and like Karl said: good tires.
dot 4, stainless lines (not necessary, but they make a small improvement in pedal feel), PBR ultimate ceramic pads all around, and fresh (or freshly turned) rotors. that's as far as you can go in a 7/9 with stock hardware.
Thanks for the input, guys.

I don't know what pads are on her now, whatever was on there when I bought the car. Figured they should be swapped out as my same year 765 seemed to stop MUCH better.

As far as tires go, I'm obsessive with tires on all my vehicles. Not thinking that's a problem!

I have an '89 Taurus SHO that has been souped up a bit, and I went with larger rotors all the way around which added tremendously to the stopping power while maintaining a good braking balance - important on a non-abs car.

Was curious if anyone had done the same to a 700, adapting better braking setups from a later generation model.

Sounds like the stock system may be sufficient for most use though, just need to put the right pad and rotor combination together eh?

Thanks again guys, keep it coming. Still learning about this car and how to make it better.