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Browntop install. Need a single 330ohm resistor..


Location: Michigan
Nov 12, 2002
Anyone have a good source for a single 330 ohm 1 watt resistor needed for browntops? Figured i would make things less complicated with a single resistor instead of using 3.

Maybe sell me one? No store here has one.

If these are the voltage drop resistors for the injectors. You want to use one resistor for each injector. There was a thread on this a little while ago about how it's better to use 4 resistors instead of one. I think the poi had lots of good pictures of his setup in that thread.
go to radio shack you can get like 10 for a dollar... you dont need 1 watt you can use 1/2 watt or even 1/4 watt... i have 780 ohms in my amm line but i run 46lb injectors