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Buying an engine, too much compression?


Active member
May 1, 2020
Victoria, Bc
So I am embarking on my first engine purchase and, I have recently had the engine compression tested pre purchase, it tested 200psi across, now I have heard that somthing like 175/180/160 ish is all a very good sign and that it means an engine is healthy, but 200? That seems a bit high. Could it mean that it has excessive carbon buildup or somthing!

Anyway I would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge on the subject.

I've had 210 on a hot low mileage b230f, so I wouldn't be concerned about that at all. sounds like a good engine to me
I too, measured 200psi on three of four cylinders on my friends high miles b230f. The other cylinder was 195. That engine used M1 the whole time.

It's a good engine at least compression wise.
^^ That's how that B230FD was. The 195 psi reading was cold cranking compression after sitting for a long time. Three were 195, the 4th was 185. That engine had 284,000 miles on it. The values were great. I never bothered to check it again once it was running. I have tested plenty of B230 engines that had the same readings across all 4 cylinders within 1-2 psi of each other.
If you don't even know what tester was used, how do you even know he is telling the truth? 200 sounds made up to me. What are the odds it would be such an even number? Did he make a video of the test?

if I had to guess id say it was rounded, it is being sold by a reputable used volvo parts dealer/ scrap yard from where I'm from, I trust that it is a genuine reading