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CA SMOG FAIL: High HC @ Idle Only

I looked at the EGR solenoid valve on strut tower, and diagram. Nothing really specific there to guide me on routing of the vacuum lines.

Currently, my "Z" labeled nipple on the valve, or is it "N" is connected to intake manifold. The other, to the EGR, respectively.

Can anyone check their car and see what side the "Z" or "N" is supposed to connect to? Diagram on other strut tower doesn't indicate one way or the other.
Okie dokie... I tested the EGR valve manually, by sucking/blowing on it's hose. The valve moves fine.

For S's & G's, I swapped the hoses on the EGR solenoid valve thinggy on strut tower.

Now car starts, idles and revs like new. I did the wire jiggle test while running, with zero effect.

Guess those hoses were just backwards. Will road test to be sure.
Sounds like the hoses being wrong should have fixed it. If you had the valve hooked up to the vent instead of the solenoid outlet, it would see vacuum most of the time.

I'd send a pic from mine but I got a 'replacement' sticker from someone that seems to be missing the EGR system on it. lol
I had some pics from the JY, but they weren't clear. A yellow hose went to one component and a white plastic hose was the other side of the circuit.
I thI’ll road test it tomorrow …took another vehicle from the stable for tonight.

After multiple attempts thru the afternoon, I started the vehicle, each time it’d fire and come to a healthy idle without any hesitation or drama.
back from a morning road test. I'm happy to report that all systems nominal and there are no CEL's or other glaring concerns.

I may swap the hoses this weekend, just to see, but I'm now incredulous about messing with a proper running car.