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Can We Get an Ultimate Parts Thread?

Great thread.

John at Boston Volvo Village has helped me find classic parts. 1-800-336-2355
He's really wonderful to deal with, and being local to both BVV and Tasca (and having gone to both multiple times) I can vouch that they are awesome assets to finding OEM parts.

Also will this have a "Sweden-based performance/modification parts suppliers"/"good luck paying for shipping unless you baller" list? Such as
L-M-R http://www.l-m-r.se/ - Body parts, small modifications, performance
Do88 http://www.do88.se/ - Volvo specific silicone kits and drop-in intercoolers
Sam Steffansson - http://www.sambilmode.se/ - performance parts, exhausts, etc.

Few more, can't think of.

Also OBX makes a 2.5" stainless cat-back exhaust for the 740/940 turbo. Worth mentioning, as it's more useful than their header, and is shiny.

Great thread.

Edit: Also, Australia

DVS - http://www.dvs.net.au/
VP Tuning performance parts - http://www.vptuning.com.au/
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Been buying from FCP for many years.
Now they give "discount codes" to some, not others.

Joe and Mike are great, but the rest I've dealt with sound like burger flippers.

Took them three tries- and several weeks of my time (had to SUGGEST they OVERNIGHT me the correct part) after sending me the wrong intake gasket as part of all OEM pcv kit.

Their free shipping is a crapshoot too. Its called "Surepost" and its not insured, and cannot be tracked according to their site. I live in the SW United States and orders take 8-9 days on average.

It's a shame since they have a great selection. They used to be ok with me when free shipping was straight UPS. Don't like spending a grand and not being able to track my order...
I really, really like EEuroparts.com. They've got every bit of the selection of FCP, they've never gotten an order wrong, their customer service is far superior to FCP, and they have free shipping on any order over $50.
Rock Auto has (at times) an outer tie rod for the 200, 700, 900's made by Spicer (as in Dana-Spicer) in the USA. Cost is around $7-8 each and they have a zirc fitting for greasing. I get them 6 at a time when they have them.
I will just add this remark as an update to 1 of the parts addresses mentioned. D Waltrip Volvo, would not ship a part I ordered and the reason was given that they would not be shipping any parts after November 1, 2012. The part I ordered was listed in their parts roster; thats the only reason i even ordered a part from a dealer. It was the automatic shift indicator that mounts to the floor of my 1987 245 DL wagon. Couldn't find one anywhere else, so I tried to order one from DW; FAILED!!

btw.....I am still looking for this shift indicator if anyone has one for sale or knows where one is, cheap...
I would like to add that another great place for B230 parts in the Sacramento area is SVS Volvo. They always have the oem parts I need (seals, gaskets, tie rods, etc.) Also right next to them is SVS R&D and SVS Muffler.
swedishautoparts.com? Anyone use them? I'm looking for a new 940 auto shift knob, and they seem to be the only ones who carry it.
Fix my rust .com has some body panels by some company in Denmark, starts with a K I think. I saw the body parts had nothing listed!
Glad I found this thread. My son and I just started on a restoration project yesterday...we're gonna need some parts to turn two '83 245 GLT wagons into ONE good one. As I was looking at both cars, I was wondering where the best place was to get parts; threads like this are a great help.

Thanks to Lando for getting this one started.

Thank you!!! Having a new adoptee - combined with the fact that our only local import parts supplier closed - I found your list an awesome starting place for parts. I have (fortunately) located a mechanic who will let me (when practical) obtain parts BUT he's made very clear - HE is not warranting the parts...so any failure means I'll pay labor again if a part fails.
Uh - do any of these suppliers offer any discounts? Free shipping? I just found the following codes - from either other forum/s or Internet search - FCP: 10%, code MVSCC; Volvo Wholesale Parts 10% code MVS, 10% code thankyou. eEuro Orders over $99 5% code MVS. Note: I have NOT verified any of these...yet