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Canadian 1984 244 DL B21A/B6304 project log.

Finally found a use for the rusty 740 steelies I've had for years. Hopefully they'll work better (for me) as 15x8s ;).


Not much to report, but I did finally make a clutch pedal stop...only to find out that I might not need it. I'm using a Howe Racing internal TOB with the T5 setup, and according to their documentation, a 3/4" MC with a 1.375" throw (basically stock Volvo hydro) will move the TOB about 0.58"...which is perfect. I made an adjustable stop and eventually had to remove the bolt that I was using as a stopper, since even as short as it could go, the trans wouldn't shift. Now it is still not touching the carpet (but barely) on full throw...and the trans is a tough shift. As soon as I can drive it up and down the road I'll know a bit better if I need any stopper at all.
Not much to report, but I did make some wheel cribs that put the car up high enough to allow for use of a creeper while I cobble up some sort of exhaust. I was going to get it made at a buddy's shop but getting the car there is proving to be a hassle since it's an hour away. My mobility isn't great, but the creeper makes it waaaaaaaaaaay easier.
Nice looks like the 8550 shifter stick. Changing up the boot as well?
Yep, it's the 8550, and it fits perfect. The boot is this:

I was tired of the rubber stocker constantly bumping me out of 2nd and 4th, but that was probably due to the position of the shifter in the hole. This will also keep a bunch of heat out, which is nice :).
I'm not having any fun making those header pipes. There's not a lot of room due to how far back I have the engine in the bay, so they're going to be...ugly. The driver's side is done and I hope it never sees the light of day once I heat-wrap it. The passenger side is next and the clearance is going to be even tighter so I'll probably have to squish the pipe a bit. I'm making them out of 2.5", which, in retrospect, was a mistake but I have a TON of mandrel 2.5 pieces so buying 2.25 made no sense at the time.

...it makes sense now though, ugh.
As of 3pm today, the car is ready to roll (I hope). The cooling system is bled, the fans work, and the O2s are installed. It runs MINT and idles perfectly in closed loop. The unequal length header pipes definitely makes for a boxer-y rumble but it's really quite quiet. Now I have to get it down off the cradles, and then I can give it a (scary) try around the block. Old performance tires + winter + salted roads = careful driving.
So...there's now a delay. I was bringing the car down off the cradles (which will NEVER be used again...keep reading) and because I made them high enough to roll around on a creeper when the car is on them, it was a bit...difficult to maneouver the jack and stands and such. The jack ended up slipping off the rear axle and punched the gas tank pretty good. No puncture, but it's definitely dead, Jim. I had jackstands in place, ready to be lowered on to, and it's a damn good thing too. The dropping of the car on to the stands did a number on my passenger rear jacking point, but that's it. Lots of adrenaline today, ugh.

I'm gonna take a break and cry over how expensive gastanks have become, lol.
Yeah, the last thing I need is to end up in the hospital again, lol. I'm VERY glad I always work with stands as backup/safety cause it saved my ass today. I wasn't directly under the car but my head/shoulder would have taken a solid hit.

The tank is almost out and managed to save at least 30L of fuel, which is the best part, seeing as its 1.50/L (5.30/Gal) for 87 here now.
New tank installed, and I took the time to install the BNE adjustable panhard I've had for at least a year or so. The axle-side bushing was rusted to the spindle so it was a huge pain in the ass...but it's done now. Everything runs like it did before I f**ked up.
Thanks! I report that the first drive was...ok-ish. Injector #8 is stuck shut, so it was driveable but unhappy. The clutch worked fine though, which was my big worry. Since I'm using a Ford T-5 with an adapter plate on a BBC bellhousing, which there isn't much info on (especially on Turbobricks), I was forced to rely on my own brain to create the recipe. LS flywheel from a truck, PP from the same, and a clutch disc from a 2000 Mustang IIRC. Then a Howe Racing TOB for a GM trans with the bearing retainer sold by the folks who make the adapter, and a shit ton of spacers.
Replaced all 8 injectors with a set I bought on Amazon for $65 CAD...and it fixed the misfires. The short and long term fuel trims are mint, so...I guess thats a temporary win. It's HILARIOUS to drive, but I don't think I like the firmness of the STS mounts. Do NOT confuse that statement for me saying they suck, because they most definitely do NOT. They work awesome, and if I wasn't an old man looking for a bit more comfort, I'd stick with them. There's a LOT of vibration being transferred to the cabin, even when revving it in neutral. It smooths out at cruising speed though, which is nice...and when romping on it, there's no time to care, lol.

I've got to revise the cooling system a bit, and figure out why the power steering isn't working, but I think it's going to be a fun summer :).
Even with stock rubber engine and trans mounts on the 5.slow 244, there were some good vibes in it at idle. It definitely gets very smooth once you're moving though.