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Cbevis 262 Bertone

Grand total of 11 dead mice. One caught in one of the multitude of traps I set out after thoroughly clearing out my garage.....and another 4 dead baby mice in the back seat.

Just about ready to start parting out the rest of this car....so stay tuned, for sale thread to follow!
what is the distance from floor to the ceiling rafters? I'd love to have a lift like that.

sorry for the late response...

Ceiling height in my garage is 9'8". Two regular sized sedans would not work in here....but I've only ever had lowered (or low) vehicles to store on it. There are safety blocks every 4" and it's recommended that you have the lift sitting on blocks as opposed to the cables. I'm pushing it with that regular height donor on the top. If I had the blue bert on top, it'd be a different story.
and how do we get an un-powered roller off the lift and in/out of the garage when the driveway has a 30% grade to worry about?

2,000 pound winch bolted to the floor works pretty good.....
The silver Bert was manual?!? Holy unobtanium. Shame it's getting ripped apart. Also a shame I don't have a shell they could go in /you're so far away. Damn.
Small bit of progress....there are plenty of Big Brake conversion threads here so I'll spare you all the details.



Man, I do like how those rotors fill up my wheels now!!!

And still room for the tuck:
You can move the rear end with adjustable torque rods to gain more clearance.

Yeah, they're in there. But the drive shaft is proving to be a little problematic. It's an oversized custom one piece and there is no wiggle room. I could rotate the axle to compensate, but the drive shaft angle would suffer as a result.
....big brake conversion is done....

It's comical to me how drastically undersized standard 200 series rotors look in these wheels...


100% new lines and distribution block...eliminated the proportioning valves at the axle....replaced the master cylinder....all was working perfectly fine....

except this little *******....

I could not for the life of me figure out why a 100% brand new brake system would continue to leak. I mean...granted, it was my first time with a flaring tool, but I picked up one of these badass gizzmo's and that made short work of the project...

Those of you looking to pick up replacement valve bodies like this, be aware that the cheap block has end bolts that were not cast properly. They're bent from the factory and leak like a sieve.

I pulled the old bolts out of my former block instead...tight as a drum now....

Anyhoo...took her out for a cruize and she stops REAAAAAL nice!