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Changing your 7/9 instrument lighting to LED

I know where I'll be tomorrow...

The only light I can't do that to is the glove box one. Same socket with integrated bulb as the dash switches and the lens is built so that the socket snaps in. Got one of the ghetto eBay 1 SMD LEDs in the existing socket now, will need to switch to a 360* LED later.

Hmm... Yes I should pick up one of those too... Same as the 74s in the switches, right?
And I won't be at Ralph's this week, running really thin on cash. HIDz and Valentinez requires a delicate wallet balance, LOLOLOL ugh...

Related: my glovebox light has been unplugged since the time that my glovebox lock selfdestructed. Never got it back in, hahaha.
I've done all my gauges and clusters and dash switches and all other lights in my 1985 744 and my 92 745
Plug and play in 744, had to grab some bulb holders from a parts car for the 92 745
To replace those annoying holder/bulb combo things
Overall spent about 15 bucks and an hour or so, well worth it!
From the Brickboard discussion, seems like the 94+ 940s have a different heater control bulb. We'll see in a bit when I go open it up.

Also, my order didn't go through yesterday as it was flagged for fraud. Billing address (Canada) and shipping address (USA) were different, so they flagged it immediately and made me call in to verify it. :/ New policies, they say. Oh well, bulbs are on their way again.

Let me know what LED part number works in the heater control. Toyota uses the same lamp in some instrument clusters for indicating gear selection.
I used Blue on my turn indicators, red on the rest. Looks sort of purple due to blue housing of original lighting. Great improvement. I'm now wrestling with installing LEDS through & through-turn signals don't work even w/LED flasher-suspecting bulb fail sensor? Oh, this is my '91 245se, Captain Tosspot.
Nearly 10 years after this thread was started, I'm thinking about getting blue cluster lights.

What seems off-putting to me is that you can buy 10 'crappy' T10 LEDs shipped from eBay for the same price as 1 from SuperBrightLEDs.

My point is, it's no longer 2012. Some manufacturers must have caught up to SuperBrightLEDs without keeping the premium price tag set in the late 2000s. Does anybody know where to get such cheap yet reliable LEDs?

Edit: Gave in and bought the superbright ones. Not like I went broke. YOLO:-P
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