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Chipping FAQ

Yeah Fred closed his account here, correct. At least he didn't go back and delete all his posts and helpfull info like some might have done... He might have gotten rubbed the wrong way, raw I think they call it. You can email him, he's still doing the same stuff as far as I know.

do you know what his email is by chance?
For a couple of reasons. First, the thread was started 5 years ago. Second, Fred (frpe82?) is no longer a registered member and apparently pulled the pictures.
sorry if has been asked all ready but I'm a little confused. I have a 242 turbo with the b21ft but im swapping to lh2.2 in the summer. my question for you is this the ecu chipped for sale or is it just the chip to install yourself?
The guy that started this thread almost 5 years ago left the board, but you can go to hi-tunings web page and buy the chips and install kit. You can get nthem to do the mod kit for you if you are buying a chip but you have to pay shipping both ways on the ECU which is about $45-$50.
just found what i was looking for on this tread. Thanks :) "pinout list for ecu and ez116K"
needed to know what pins i could use on my non egr B204FT engine with Buchka Wasted spark system :) looks like pin 9 is empty, pin 21 is empty and 22 is empty due to lack of EGR and also, pin 14/15 looks to be free due to the lack of EGR on my engine. needed only 4 so i am good.
Bro it's super bowl sunday so dips and chips are are the thing of the day for sure! What chip are you talking about. He sold a lot of different chips for different cars. Like stated above a few posts ago but years ago he might still have the hituning website you could buy his chips there if it's still up and selling chips. Read the whole thread starting with page one and then post.
chip able ezk 16 v

I have an ezk from a 90 or 91 16 v and for the life of me it appears unchipable...but you say all 16 V 's are chipable , have you got any pix my 16v box # is 227 400 152
Do anyone have the software for chip to -541? I have a ECU that not work and when I read the eprom (chip) it look empty.
The owner buy this chip from someone on this website. I looking for chip or just the software.