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closed system blow off valve. lh 2.2


New member
Dec 11, 2007
Lexington, Ky.
I am building up a 87 244 turbo, ( 90 b230ft ) (85 garrett tb0326 ) As it stands all i have is the wastegate. Ie: no blowoff valve. I understand that LH 2.2 needs a closed recirculatory system with excess boost air on shifts.

Does anyone have pictures or a description of a good way to set up a bypass valve or a blow off valve? I want this turbo to last at least a little bit.
The main issue with LH cars and BOV's isn't so much about abusing your turbo (they don't seem to mind belching flames and backfiring too much), but the fact that the air has already been accounted for by the injection system. If you lift, say for a shift, and the BOV dumps some of that boosted air to atmosphere rather than recirculating it, the fuel system doesn't know its missing some of its metered air and delivers fuel for the air it thinks it has to work with. This results in the motor briefly being run very rich and a nice backfire and possibly a fireball out the exhaust. Local law enforcement tends to take a dim view of these activities, especially if you belch flames AT them.

You should be able to find pix of various people's setups just by searching around for "Compressor bypass valve", "blow off valve", or their abbreviations.
Think if you put your amm or whatever in your ic piping you can get away with running a bov before it. Amm wont last ages cause of the oil, but :e-shrug:.
just install a bov in the cold side. i ran it, its been tested to work fine unless you wanna install the amm there too.
then either keep ur intercooler clean or get a catch can, those will make it work well. i dont have a catch can and have no problem with this.
The adjustable model allows varying pre-load depending whether you're commuting to work or at the track.


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I suspect that running a BOV with 2.2 and 2.4 get's a lot easier if we do one thing in particular. Put an air filter on the Idle Air Control Motor, remove the hose between it and the cold side IC pipe, and block off that opening from the IC pipe.
I am running my AMM pre turbo and my BOV on the hotside piping with lh 2.2. It sometimes has a bit of a stumble when i engage the next gear on upshifts but overall it doesnt work too bad. The noise is a bit annoying though.
I would have thought you would want it on the cold side anyway. When your throttle plate closes, that's where the excess pressure is going to build first.