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Clutch squealing when cold


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2016
Livermore, CA
I've noticed something about the clutch in my 240, something squeals as I let out the clutch from a stop when the car is cold. It usually happens the first time I let out the clutch when cold, on some days the noise persists for the next couple starts. Once I've driven it a half a mile to a mile everything sounds normal. Something to worry about? My thought is a worn throw out bearing or clutch disc.

I've made sure the cable is adjusted, new brake pads, u joints and center carrier bearing are good, decently new fluids in the M46 transmission and the rear end.
Is it a stock type disc?

I’ve had that issue with ceramic clutches all the time.
Are you sure the actual clutch pedal is not squeaking at it's bearing?
Nope, that makes more of a creaking noise.

Is it a stock type disc?

I’ve had that issue with ceramic clutches all the time.
As far as I know it is a stock clutch setup.
Was the flywheel surfaced the last time the clutch was replaced?
Not sure, I've never had it apart. Just wondering if this noise warrants taking everything apart.
I installed a clutch in a friends '90 240 (dog dish flywheel/M47) without surfacing the flywheel and it makes the same noise. It works fine otherwise.
Just spitballing here - how often do you take it out and drive it? Is it particularly damp out lately?

I know in rainy Oregon if you haven't driven your car for a while you'll have very noisy brakes for the first few stops till the rotor surface rust is scraped off. Wonder if you're getting a similar effect.
I have a LUK 740 turbo clutch in my 93 wagon. If I take off briskly it will make a quick little chirp as I take off. Been doing it for a few years now. LOL. I did not surface the flywheel when doing the clutch but hit the flywheel with grit cloth and thought that would be enough to work.
Many moons ago my clutch made that noise. It was the throwout bearing screaming for mercy.