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converting an auto 240 to a manual transmission


Active member
Mar 1, 2008
Santa Cruz, CA
I was wondering how difficult it would be to convert a 240 with an auto to a manual transmission. I know with other vehicles I've owned (mostly toyota trucks), it is fairly simple to do, with all the mounting points for the clutch pedal and brake already there, so all that is needed is the parts from the manual vehicle (flywheel, clutch, transmission, sometimes driveshaft, etc) making it a bolt on affair. I have been looking for a 240 wagon, and it seems that the cleanest ones are usually auto trans, and I want a 4 or 5 speed manual.
its pretty straight forward... trans, trans mount, pedal cluster, clutch cable, overdrive relay, flywheel (and sensor if its an LH2.4/3.1), driveshaft. all the holes are there, only thing you have to modify is the OD relay wiring.
You dont have to change the rear end but the 4.10 rear is a gas guzzler... manuals came with 3.73 or 3.31 and a few 3.54's in there
You will need a complete pedal box, as teh auto ones don't have a spot to fit a cluthch pedal.
Other than that, you are pretty right on the money. Shifter in same hole, gearbox on same mount, I think the front tailshaft is different but the rear half is the same. flywheel bolts right on, there is a hole for the pilot bearing ( 6202 deep groove ball bearing, sealed. Buy from your local bearing and chain shop for $7, not from your Volvo dealer for $30) and pretty much everything lines up.
Only bitch is that you pretty much gotta take the whole dash out to get at the pedal box.
Thanks for the info. Now I know what I am going to do. I can find auto ones in really clean condition and with low miles all the time where I am at. Now I need to sell my 1993 5 speed 850 and find a wagon:).