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Converting to E85 (ethanol fuel)

Haven't had the deposits or CEL on mine, even running straight E85. I will say, TLAO's chip had a VERY nice 8-8.5 AFR from 3k-6500 in boost on the dyno while running the stuff, which is right where it should be in boost.

Orie tried a blend in both of his cars with nothing but pure win results, smoother, way more grunt, etc.

Hit the yards with the neighbor yesterday, he filled his Ranger up afterwards at Arco, 2 miles later it was running like crap, pinging, etc. even at cruise with the a/c on. Suggested he try tossing in a couple gallons when he gets a chance, see if it helps that tank run worth a darn, waiting to hear the results. :)
This post has not been used for a long time, but has anyone converted their NA 740 to run on e85? I have a b230e and want to do so by swapping injectors. Stock injectors are 203cc @2.5 bar (at least I think).

I'd like to find injectors that can be straight swapped. If I want to increase the size by 42 to 60%, the bigger injectors should be 288cc-324cc @2.5 bar. However I can't find anything smaller than greentops which are 337cc @3 bar.

I'm afraid it's too much and the car will run too rich. Does anyone have another bosch reference that would be straight swapped or simple to install?

I am already running e85 on my subaru impreza but I installed a flexfuel kit on it, and I want to do it the turbobrick way on the 740. Running e85 is an huge saving in France (0.5?/l compared to 1.5?/l for petrol).

And here I am with my shovel to dig up this post.

The idea of running E85 on my 89' 740T (with 1986 engine) has been on my mind for a long time but now that the gas is crazy high it's becoming a necessity.

I read the entire post and I still have some question if some people are still here since it's an old post.

I wanna do things the right way so i'm thinking about bigger injectors, fuel regulator and a new fuel pump. My main question is how my car is gonna react to this since I don't have the chance to have a LH ecu on my car. Since it's an older one, it's running with motronic and of course without O2 sensor. So, no correction.
However, I do have an AEM uego (wideband) at my disposition to help me. Every infos I found here and there on turbobricks and on the net only speak of LH2.2/LH2.4 but nothing for the motronic. Maybe it's a lost case...

I own the car for now 6 years and I've done nothing to upgrade the car yet. This year I'm thinking of a new turbo and some boost. Since It's likely an engine with small rods I'm not going to be insane with the boost and I think 200-250hp will be plenty for this engine.

So tl;dr
I was thinking of 550cc injectors (maybe Bosch EV14)
Fuel regulator
Bigger pump

Am i doing it right ?
Do you have ethanol for cheap in Europe / a similar govt. subsidy scam for it like we do (takes more hydrocarbons to make it & depletes the soil/uses precious irrigation/fresh water that could be used for actual useful food instead of fuel) :roll: effing fat-cat a-hole scam Iowa corn lobby...
Isn't propane cheaper there?

Given it's less energy dense, octane/quality is all over the place/wildly inconsistent on E85 for compression/optimal spark timing for optimal longevity & efficiency, it's corrosive/can ruin parts if it sits badly, I doubt it's really any cheaper?/worth it?

Propane doesn't pay road tax, never goes bad, no pumps required, doesn't stink/no cat to steal or required for non-stinky exhaust & octane is fairly compatible w/most N/A engines anyway?
But liquid propane injection also isn't 'cheap' to convert to properly?

If you wanna be cheap & have more time than $, vulture waste veggie oil w/ a diesel & do all the work to treat it/filter it/deal with it on a or vulture half-full propane tanks, learn how to refill/recombine them DIY & resell them if you have a 'gas' car? :lol:

Short of that, vintage car that has no laws/smog, permanent plates & bootleg EV conversion? :lol: