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Coverlay Dash Covers


Apr 6, 2017
Houston, Texas

Does anyone have experience with "Coverlay" dash covers?


Its a plastic solution that fits over the existing dash, I received samples however none of these came close to matching my tan interior.

Now I am wondering if I should purchase and respray with some SEM tan interior paint - I have used this on other (smaller) plastic pieces and its a pretty close match.

Thoughts anyone?
Heard lots of good feedback from the IPD ones...which are actually quite a bit less expensive than that one on Ebay. IPD I believe also stocks the SEM spray that matches the tan interior. Whichever route you go please post up your feedback. I'm looking to do this at some point down the road so I can finally get rid of my black fuzzy dash carpet.
Yes, I heard that the dash cover itself is very good, the key is going to be the color match.

I am super disappointed that the coverlay samples I received were not even close to my tan interior.

I will look into the IPD covers, otherwise will most like spray with SEM.
First . . . anywhere you find a 240 dash cover, IPD or JC Whitney, it is going to have been manufactured by Coverlay.

I installed one and was very happy with the results. Here is a link to my efforts: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=309320

Dash out is about the only way to get it done right. The texture of the cover is smoother than Volvo's original but it is certainly much better than a 40 year old cracked dash.


I had the local auto paint store color match the interior of one of the center console kick panels and it came out very nice. Cost was not much more than the outrageous price of a can of SEM paint.


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Interesting thanks! Disappointing regarding the recommendation take dash out - not something I want to or will do. They markets these covers as an easy install solution, seems that this is not actually the case.
No problem with just laying it in and using a little of the high strength, high temperature glue. It will look lots better than the 40 year old cracked dash. Want it to be all it can be dash gotta come out.