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CVC Family Day Sun 7/24/2022 ONT - CANADA


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Jan 4, 2013
Kemble Ontario
The 40th Family Day hosted by the Canadian Volvo Club

Date: Sunday July 24th 2022
Time: 9am - 4 pm
Location: 22679 Wonderland Road North Ilderton, Ontario

I believe this will be the last event hosted at Bev & Bev Hughes farm so if you haven't been in a few years or have never been this will be the last time to check out this great event.

Link to the event is here



US visitors

You will need to submit your travel and vaccination status via ArriveCan before you cross the border.

Link to the details is here or juts DM me for the Coles notes version.

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The weather started out a bit cloudy followed by some rain but in spite of this and 1.75 / liter fuel costs the turnout was great!

I have attached a couple links to the photo albums shared on facebook.