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Davis 2018 - April 28-29!

Checking car for anything that will go wrong. Gonna replace coolant hoses with some do88 silicone **** yo... PDX crew will be in tomorrow night, Asher is heading down there right now iirc.
Cool, I'll start keeping my eyes open for ya'll on the road.

Confirmed Friday off so I'll be around most of the day. Looks like chance of sprinkles saturday and sunday now, hopefully not during event hours. Might mean I gotta wash the wagon a couple times, between rainstorms and events. Looks like I'll be having both cars at the show as well.

Also confirmed some details for the C&C at Niello on Saturday, sounds like they're really planning out a nice spread for us.

Reminder to everyone, please RSVP by the end of the day today if you can, RSVP's close at midnight. You can still do drive-in's the day of, but pre-reg really helps us plan, plus it helps make sure we've got enough space and swag for Saturday as well. For Sunday it saves you a couple bucks if you pre-reg and aren't a VCOA member.
We're changing up the entry a little this year. Get a receipt at the gate showing you're paid, then park, go to the reg booth to get your goody bag, car card, all that stuff. Hopefully trim down the entrance line. I think we're still doing 2 lines, pre-reg and not though.

Just an FYI, already over 100 pre-reg...
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well and looking forward to the official start of the 2018 Davis Meet Weekend!

We're now a couple days away!

Saturday, April 28, 2018- Saturday A-La-Carte Events
Sunday, April 29, 2018- Sunday Davis Car Show & Swap Meet



Pre-Registration Reminder:

If you have not yet Pre-Registered, a friendly reminder that the 19th Annual Davis Meet Weekend Pre-Registration closes tonight (April 25th) at midnight!


Call for Volunteers & Photographers:

This year's show is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet!

As the show grows, so does the need for volunteers!



Interested in contributing to the show's success?
Join the team!

We especially need volunteers to help with front gate check-in, parking, and registration operations on Sunday morning from 6:50 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.


Let us know how you can help!

Please Contact Us, Attention: Jon Manji, Volunteer Coordinator:



Plan on bringing your camera to 2018 Davis Meet Weekend and interested in sharing your photos?


-Reply to this post.

-Or, Contact Us, Attention: Elizabeth Brown, Photographer Coordinator:

We would love to submit your photos for publication consideration to Rolling Magazine as well as display them on the Chapter websites / social media!

Questions about how your photos will be used?

Check out the SacVCOA Policies, including Photo / Video and Social Media Policies here:


Looking forward to seeing you all on April 28th and 29th!

Take care,
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We're just fine-tuning that right now. I'll have printed copies for the saturday morning, plus I'll email it out this evening or tomorrow to those that reg'd for the drive.
Tires are on! We roll at 7:00 AM tomorrow. Woot!

Got the AC working in my white 1990 245 20 minutes ago. 2 quarts of oil added. Efan hacked in with zipties and jumper wires. Leaving early morning tomorrow for the 8 hour drive from Tijuana!
Sorry guys, no track time for me tomorrow. Got WAY too much going, need 2 days, only have 1, so it'll be a late night tomorrow buttoning things up.

Looks like we'll have a pretty solid group for both drives, should be a blast!
Recent 240 work for the trip included:

-AC restored after one year without. Broke high side hose at compressor due to torn engine mount. Heater core has failed since. Meh.

-shifter cage foam. Soo much quiter and no more hot air coming thru!

-actually put a splash pan on.

-replaced torn driver side mount.

-fixed headlight wiring.

-efan conversion. Gotta jump the relay to ground manually tho! Hope I don't forget and overheat!