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Did I put enough oil for the compressor? (AC RELATED)


Nov 18, 2007
Irvine, CA
I recharge my 88 Volvo 760 with about 32 oz of this stuff.


From the cans i added it says it has about:
3 oz of Sub-Zero Synthetic..

The reason why i worry is because when i first start the AC i hear alittle noise from the compressor..... i just wanna make that im not gonna mess up my compressor.

As for the cooling.... its okay. Hasn't gotten hot enough to tell.
1. its already converted
2. i had to fix an o-ring leak.... so i had to remove all the refrigerant, I pulled a vacuum, and then i put in about 32 ounces of refrigerant from the cans i pictured above. .... along with these cans came about 3 oz of lubricant.

Is this enough for a diesel compressor?