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Dies when turning right

2 old for this

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Mar 12, 2018
B230ft 2.4 in a 240 would shutoff while turning right. It would restart. So I loaded up the parts cannon and replaced all the engine management components. It had good power before and now seems stronger. Fuel economy is up also. One not so good change is on a cold start it has a very much higher idle speed (1800) but comes down after it warms up. It hasn?t died again-yet.
How?s your engine harness, what year? Somethings possibly shorting as the engine/harness moves
happened to me when i lost my battery holding clamp or whatever that is called. the battery shorted on the hood also only on right turns or bumps
Theres a lot of reasons this could happen, I think once upon a time I had a similar situation and it was the insulation on the fuel pump wiring that had degraded.
First thought was the tank pump hose has failed. Inspection showed no problem. Main pump harness is ok. Problem has not returned.