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850 Drivers side door lock


Active member
Mar 1, 2008
Santa Cruz, CA
The key doesn't want to turn the drivers door lock anymore. Its like the pins in the tumbler have worn down to the point to where they dont match the pattern on the key. Is there a way to remove the tumbler to inspect it, or does the entire handle have to be replaced? (it looks like its one piece) I have heard of this happening with the ignition switch, but not with the door handles.
The lock cylinder comes out of the handle, you just have to remove the handle from the door, to get at the back side of it. I cant remember exactly whats there, but I think it's some sort of horseshoe type clip. Cant recall for sure, and I dont have VADIS loaded on this laptop, it's on the pc in my shop.
I mainly just want to clean the tumbler as it sticks sometimes. I got the door panel off, and saw how it comes apart. I just need to get outside and get it done.