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Ebay, Bring A Trailer, Cars & Bids. Best place to sell your 240?


Jun 6, 2005
Suburban Washington DC
Nearly finished putting together my 136,000 mile 1986 automatic sedan and thinking of places to list it. I've sold many other cars on Ebay and had one on BaT a while back that didn't meet reserve. This is the first 240 I've had in many years so I don't know the market. Looking at listings, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference between a $2000 example and a $5000 one, or between a $4000 car or $8000 car. Heck, mine will be just as nice as this $24,000 240, https://www.ebay.com/itm/1658407842...k9SR4SN67-nYQ&LH_ItemCondition=3000|1000|2500

So which of those three venues would someone suggest? I prefer Ebay because you have greater control of your listing. BaT and C&B often won't accept your car unless you sell no reserve, and I don't really want to take that risk, but seeing some of the crazy prices some of these cars bring, it might be worth it.
eBay doesn't get much eyeballs. I've sold on BaT with no reserve, the key is professional quality photos, cars don't do well on there when buyers aren't 110% sure of the condition of the car. Cars n bids is really the place for cars that get rejected from BaT. I'd only sell no reserve on BaT, if the listing and photos are solid, the market will decide what it's worth.
...the market will decide what it's worth.


Selling a project car is always going to be a gamble of how much other people appreciate the work you've done.

I'm having flashbacks to that brown K-Jet 242 that failed to meet a 10k reserve on BaT after a bunch of people questioned the quality of the work on it, and the seller being unable to accurately answer a lot of questions being asked.
What 240 ever sold for $15K in the last 20 years?


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I listed my 83 Homogulated 242 on BAT in Nov ‘22 and insisted on a reserve. Glad I did as the auction fell short of the reserve by several thousand. I was impressed with how large their audience is and hired a pro to do the Photoshoot (well worth it).

I would suggest a Spring listing for top results. GLWS!