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*edit: 11th of Hebuary 2023 : another virtual meet! 6pm East coast US


Railspeeder Enthusiast #1
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Dec 25, 2002
mont, AL
cool. I caught the crud from the 3 year old (what else is new) so I'll be a bit drugged up.


Vintage anti-ricer
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Oct 21, 2004
BFE Desert east of Cali
Finally found that damned shim washer that went MIA from the u-joint. 45 minutes of looking, gave up, went to open a drawer on the workbench, found it stuck to the BOTTOM of the handle. I heard it hit the ground, apparently it bounced up and the grease stuck it to the handle. **** you gravity! lol


The MP
May 24, 2003
38? 27' N 75? 29' W
I edited the title and sent Kenny a message. I will be on the road so I prefer if he started it, but if he's busy I'll do something.
I'll be in Mooresville, so maybe we can do some sort of race car shop thing.