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email notifications not working


Still has a Volvo
Sep 16, 2003
Santa Rosa, CA
I have a thread in maintenance with "instant notification by email" selected, and didn't get any notifications of replies.

I do get emails alerting to PM's, and don't see anything obvious in settings or options.

Any ideas on this?
I have the same problem. Lots of 'instant notification' threads . . . no emails.

My guess is that the mods converted this capability to a paid account. If that occurred them membership needs to be notified.

It would be nice if someone from the mods community would at least comment on the subject.

I am an active poster on several forums and find this one's moderators the most remote, unresponsive and unable to communicate with of any.
Um...you do realize I've already posted in this thread twice right? There's mods active on here every day. Just sayin'

That said, nothing has been intentionally changed on the backside in terms of contributors having or not having notifications working for this or that. I'll make sure this gets looked at. We the mods don't have the ability to even make those kinds of changes, only the admin's can do that.

Kyle...do me a favor, try changing your notification email address for a little bit, see if you get notifications then. I had to do this a while back, changed it to my phone (number@vtext.com), suddenly started getting PM notifications again, after they stopped working for a bit. That ended up being due to a glitch after a board upgrade. Lemme know if it works or not.
Instant email notification test message

I no longer get instant email notifications of posts of interest. Anyone else having this problem?
Come on man, you already posted in Kyle's thread for the same issue. I told you I'd get this going on the backside so we can dig into it, but it doesn't happen in those wee dark hours where people sleep.
:e-shrug: Nothin!

Now, maybe this is related, I have this message:
Your PM box is 100% full.
Inbox contains 402 messages.
You have 823 messages stored, of a total 200 allowed. (Empty Folder)

Not sure how I got 4x over the limit. Did something change? Never really bothered to notice before. Most recent PM is from 10/20, so unless the limit decreased so much in the last few days, I'm puzzled. :???:

Deleted them all (hope there was nothing important!), let's try another reply.

//edit, I've also lost contributor status.
I just noticed that on contributor status. You had it earlier, incoming pm...

Strange on the notifications, mine seem to be working fine. Just for the record, who's your email with?
Still nothing... :emo:

My main email is @sonic.net secondary one is @mail.com

Didn't get an email about the PM either. I did read the PM, we can fix the status later (don't use the mail.com address, it's just the facebook signup one).

Looking at my email, last email notifications I got were 5/26/16 (PM) and 5/27/16 (thread sub).

//edit - that may not be definitive, as I shift-delete (aka permanent delete) those after reading.
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Hmm, I wanna say those may be part of the issue, due to spam control measures taking place on the backside.

Not sure I follow that... spam control on my end or TB's host?

I checked sonic.net' spam bucket, and it's full of all manner of blatant garbage, so I can't imagine that a change on their end could be the issue. I have boardadmin@turbobricks.com whitelisted anyway.

mail.com spam folder is empty.