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Exhaust Manifold Crack


Jan 8, 2022
Orange, CA
My exhaust manifold had a crack in it so I mig welded it to fill it. Now driving the car for a couple months I get an exhaust leak in the same spot as that crack, so today I took the manifold off to see a new crack right above where I welded the old crack. It's an RSI turbo exhaust manifold for a B230F+T so I'd like to know how the crack should be fixed instead of just filling the crack again and calling it a day.
When you first fixed it did you drill holes at the ends of the crack? If you did not it will just continue cracking
Finally getting around to fixing the cracks in my exhaust manifold but today I found the cracks travel further than I initially thought and eventually become so small I loose sight of them. One of the cracks split off into 2 cracks and they both travel further until they fade away. I used some UV dye to help see the cracks and they appear to go further on the inside then on the outside. So do I just drill a hole where they appear to end, I don't want to drill a hole where a crack hasn't finished cracking through the whole piece of metal and it continues to crack after patching it and ending it. What about cutting that section of tubing out and welding in a new tube?
Crack should be drilled completely through. Where is the crack exactly? In your first post you said another crack appeared above where you originally fixed one crack. New cracks are forming from either a weld weakening the surrounding metal or more likely stress cracks from a big ol' turbo hanging off the thing. Might wanna add a brace to take some weight off the manifold itself, either something bolting to the exhaust stud or using the valve cover studs.
I think the crack just split into two from the original one and ran above the old one. I'll get some pictures of it. It's close to the flange so it can be a stress thing. When you mean completely drilled through, does that mean drill holes on each end of the crack or cut along the whole crack?
So here's some pics and where the lines are, I spent most of the time grinding down the old mig weld but there is some still there I didn't grind off on the bottom.

I drilled two holes there because the cracks were joining and splitting off from there. But the crack on the left runs along the weld I didn't grind off, I don't remember if the old crack was under that or that's just the original crack. But after the whole on the right it splits off again and connects back in the next picture.

The orange line is the crack that I welded over the first time a while ago but still exists, just can't see it from the outside. The green arrow is where they both connect from earlier. Then that line goes on until it fades away. That crack is new.

And then there the two lines from the inside, the orange one is the one you can't see from the outside.