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Finally got some vids of my brick


New member
Sep 27, 2009
Little Rock, AR
So here's my pride and joy! I know she looks rough but she starts right up every time and puts a smile on my face :)

Mod list so far:
-T3 .48 hotside/.52 coldside machined out for a Buick Grand National compressor wheel (trim somewhere between .60 trim T3 and .40 trim T4)
-full 3" turbo-back exhaust, made by my dad and I on our backs in the driveway
-side exit between the back of the rear door and the tire on the passenger side
-fake cat from siliconeintakes.com
-single Magnaflow 5x7 oval muffler, 3" in/out straight through
-mbc, don't know what it's set at but I've hit 20psi once. usually I shift at 15psi if I'm winding it out due to still having the stock IC
-Greddy Type-S BOV knockoff
-cobalt boost/vac gauge
-old IPD lowering springs (want to chop 2 coils up front and 1 in back)
-IPD 25/25 sways

the turbo doesn't hit til about 3k rpm's but when it does it hits hard and the car launches. if I hit the gas hard when it's spooling it'll hit 15psi almost instantly so it spools up really really fast after 3 grand. bigger hot side should help with that. anyways, enjoy!!!

and yes the shiny spots on the pavement in the exhaust clip are from my car, leaking about a quart a week :-(

2nd to 3rd shift, smokes a bit

4th to 3rd to 4th shifts, smokes a bit again

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hahaha thanks man! I like it, sounds like it should. My ears were ringing the other day though, got on the gas between an SUV and highway divider ;-)