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S/V/C Fuel return line leaking


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Oct 12, 2004
Antioch, CA
I cannot find this line on the Volvo parts site (Volvo has the worst parts manuals)

Anyone replace this before and if so what did you use?



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Start with year, make model, engine type etc.

That would help!

?98 S70 T5, automatic

I took the cover off under the car that protects the fuel lines. I don?t have the pressure regulator right near the filter like I have seen other cars have in pictures
I've had good luck repairing a return line with good quality fuel injection hose and clamps. I just bypassed most of the steel line, attaching to non-rusted sections. Secure the hose well out of harm's way of course.
I cannot find this line on the Volvo parts site (Volvo has the worst parts manuals)
Oh, they're not so bad. You just need to practice.
Volvo # 9189294

It's apparently #18 on this page:
volvopartswebstore main list
And this part-specific page:
volvopartswebstore 9189294
And then there's Tasca:
And Skandix: