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fuel system upgrades faq

this would be the perfect podium for talking about replacing the intank pump with a walbro 255 and how to go about bypassing/deleting the external pump.

probably the most necessary modification of all once larger injectors and/or regulator are installed. i'd love to know whats involved in deleting the undercar pump. hoses/pipes/fittings.
How much hp can the stock in tank (booster) pump support(1979 262c)? I would like to just add an external pump but don't know if the booster can keep up. Looking to supply a 380hp lt1 v8....

Those 402's are what I run, they're typically referred to as CFI injectors around here, they flow something like 46 lb/hr, good stuff.

As for bypassing the main pump, it's easier than it sounds. You crawl under the car, unbolt the main pump, bring main pump to car parts/hardware store and buy the fittings you need to replace that pump with hose. I can't remember what fittings they are, I bet they're some sort of metric banjo fitting, and are probably different between 200/700/900 just to make life difficult. For the hose, you NEED to buy "fuel injection" hose from the car parts store. Carburetor fuel hose is cheaper and more common, but isn't rated for the higher pressures (45psi) of fuel injection, so it's not what you want. Carb hose usually says on it " not for fuel injection".

There are probably threads on this forum that tell you exactly what fittings you need, you'll have to search to find them. Heck I might have even mentioned it when I installed a walbro back in ~ '05.
i wonder if its better to run a single pump or transfer pump system. I guess in a general forum where all they talk about is fuel systems and different characteristics of each setup would be the place to solve that. Seems lots of people on here have had good experiences with each. Im sure there are people getting screwed by knockoffs and i'd only purchase a walbro through an authorized dealer, as a precaution to GETTING a knockoff myself. I guess i'll search around and see what i find regarding walbros failing and cars blowing up, educate myself a little.

Although i have already come up with the list of necessary parts in case i want to go for a k-jet main pump swap. Im sure that the new bosch stock main pump will flow enough for browntops, but i dont know how long i'll be satisfied with that.
How is bosch 804s are good for 220hp on modified lh 2.4 system yet when I plug in the flow rates etc into an injector size calc they show as way too small?

Are the 804s running over 80% duty to achieve 200+ hp?

Sorry just a bit confused by this.
My car is a B230E k-jet model, both pumps and the sender really need replacing, which is expensive. I was planning to convert to LH2.4 in the near future to support a warmed-up B230FT (15G, hot cam, 3" exhaust & intake, bigger injectors), from what I've read the k-jet fuel pumps should support my plans OK? I want to make sure before I drop a bunch of cash on stuff I might only end up using for 9 months or so.
So wait, there has been no mention at all of the Bosch high-flow fuel pump- The 044 pump?

Like ~300LPH? And could replace both fuel pumps, to be used as a single one?
do the 402 injectors only come in 80-85 mustangs?? Cuz do u know how hard it is to find two of those same cars unmolested? Do they come in trucks with v8s or what??
Yeah, it doesn't seem like theres any reason to get another pump lol

Unless you dislike fuel pressure and flow...

Don't think there are any real downsides to running a big old pump like that either, regardless of power level
Many of the injectors listed in here have started to become hard to find, what are some injectors from the late 80s and early to mid 90s that are common now?

I notice most of what is mentioned in this thread is what was common about 5-7 years ago in yards.
Bumpin this up. Going to a 044 next week when it shows up. Who knows what size the stock fuel line is before and after pump, so I don't have to check?
I will add to this.

If you are adding a Walbro to your car then rewire the fuel pump and redo all of the factory grounds for it along with add an extra ground. I have been chasing a lean condition and it turns out that my stock pump wiring was really worn/bad. Afr's went from 15's down to 11's by just fixing the wiring and letting the pump actually flow