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fuel system upgrades faq

Easy drop-in is some Ford browntops from a 2.3t in the turbo coupe's and xratti's. You can also step up to a Chrysler 4-bar FPR from I believe it's the 2.5T Dodge. Bumps the stock injectors to around #34.

Are brown tops really still the best option for a hopped up 16t setup. Cam, intercooler, exhaust, chips and around 15psi. Eventual plans would be 19t and more boost. Will have a wideband hooked up before long to know where I stand. But I'm planning on needing injectors. I'm not opposed to buying new modern injectors if their is something suitble and worth it.

Car is 95 940 turbo on lh2.4. I've run brown tops in the past with no issues, just curious if there isn't a better choice.
Better would be EV14 injectors. I run the 550cc ones with 3 inch amm. I got mine a few years ago, the shorty ones and had to get adapters to make them longer. These seem to be correct lenght with the pigtail adapters. If you want to not run 3 inch amm look for some about 420cc. High Z so you delete your injector resistor pack. Easy to just unplug it and then jumper all the wires.


Or these.


OR even less flow.

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Will Google but what is the difference between ev1 and ev14? Is that the connector? What makes one better?

I don't think I would need a 3" amm, even with an eventual 19t, would I?

Also, do they not make low z? Why delete the resistor pack?

Sorry for 21 questions, I'm just ignorant.
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Ev14 is exactly the answer I was looking for apparently. Thanks for the link.

Just did lots more reading. It seems I should go less conservative on injectors and maybe even go for a 3" amm.
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