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960 Fuel tank upgrade 16 to 19 gal?


Part-time Tinkerer
Feb 25, 2015
Austin, TX
Hello all, I've seen inklings of this for 7x5 cars and such, but nothing positive and certainly nothing for 960s.

I have a 1992 965 with the old style fuel tank - the 16 gallon one. In 1993 Volvo changed to a 19ish gallon tank. Will this fit? What else would I need to change in regards to pump/sender/gauge? The part diagrams look rather different...

1992 - http://volvopartslisle.com/media/diagram/GR-62674.png
1993 - http://volvopartslisle.com/media/diagram/GR-60685.png

Would love the extra gas capacity but I'm not sure what is involved.
You might/might not need the sending unit. I can't remember if the tank is deeper of not. The sending unit won't work with your current instrument cluster.
Yes I did the swap on my 1991 744. One of my fav upgrades.

The sending unit is deeper so you will want that along with the tank. With the larger tank and sending unit you need the cluster or at least fuel gauge off the donor car along with the tank straps and fuel feed line(green). I made a custom feed line for mine.