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Fundraiser for Redwood Chair

What a great loss! I had such a great time with him trolling the crap out of things back in the days.
Great trusted seller too we have send some stuff up and down iirc .. its been years.
Donated & stickers- RIP Redwood - Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal

His Love of Volvos helped us all!
I didn't even realize he was gone until someone mentioned it elsewhere. I'll miss his endless supply of snark and obscure spares.
For those interested, stickers are now available in memory of Ken. There are full color stickers and vinyl decals to choose from, as well as a general donation option.

All proceeds from these stickers will benefit his longtime partner Monica.





How do I buy one of them there Raise the Lowered stickers?

edit: Derp, I am an idiot and missed the link.

I know I'm going to miss seeing his name. I saw the email and dropped what I was doing.
Stickers update:

I got the first batch of decals from Dana + already received a lot of the full color stickers, so order fulfillment will start in the next few days. There's easily 70+ orders right now -- It's just going to be me and my better half getting these packed and shipped, plus I don't have enough to fulfill everything yet, so please bare with us as stuff continues to get sorted out. :)

To that tune, we've sold nearly 300 stickers in total, along with a lot of donations on the store. So I don't have an exact figure yet after expenses, but the combined sales have helped raise a lot of money. I do plan on publishing that figure once I have it calculated and know what it actually is.

I will likely close off ordering in a week or so, so if you want to get some stickers now's the time.
How do I get the pay as you go thing working - do I crank up the sticker count and tell you to only ship one or is there a button I'm not seeing?
Thank you for everybody who bought stickers.

I'm going to temporarily shut off ordering while I fulfill the orders. Once I have all the current orders packed & dealt with, I'll reopen it with whatever I have left.

The proceeds from the stickers will get run through the GoFundMe once I've got everything sorted out.
After all is said and done, I just placed a $750 donation with the proceeds from the sticker sales. That pushes us up to $6250 on the GoFundMe. A big thank you to all those who purchased stickers & I will get the website updated later this evening for those who may have missed out.

Got them a couple days ago. Thanks, and second what Mr. Reece said above me.
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Stupid question about applying the stickers. What's the best way to put them on and get them to stay? Specifically the Raise the Lowered one, if they're different. Don't want them to fall off.