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fwd noise

n xntrx volvo

Dec 5, 2003
corinth, ms / los angeles
this fwd stuff is odd to me still (stinking wife had to have a s70)

car makes whirling noise while driving from pass side front
-no noise when stopped
-noise is (car) speed dependant
-noise only changes in corner the same as wheel speed changes.
-no clicking or clunking
-unloading the wheel (bump) doesnt seem to change it
-no wheel play
-tires rotated (w/ left rear)

normally i'd say wheel bearing, but the the car has an intermediate shaft and bearing on the axle. so could be those or the inner cv? grr, fwd.
with each item being 120-150, i'd like to not replace all 3.
ps- 98 s70a n/a
-doesnt go away/ change while braking
-cant be felt through brake pedal
so, not rotors.
wheel bearing, man, if not a tire noise. wheel bearings are common on these cars. the entire front hub and bearing comes as one unit, takes an inverted torx style socket, #14. four bolts go thru the spindle into the hub. remove axle nut, outer tie rod end from spindle, swing it away from the axle, remove the four bolts, and it should come out. you should remove the abs sensor also, to avoid damaging the wire. worst case, you may need to unbolt the strut from the spindle as well, but not usually. good luck, hope that helps...
well..... not really sure. i work at a volvo dealership, and we only install the oems, so really i cant offer a fair comment concerning aftermarkets there. ours carry a 12 month unltd mileage warranty, not sure about aftermarkets. $60.00 is a pretty big savings, agreed. anyone have any experience with the aftermarket wheel hubs?
I'm running one from FCP Groton... Works great.

Does the noise get worse when loading that corner? i.e. right/pass bearing makes more noise when turning left.

Mine was so bad that the brake rotor touched the mounting bracket for the caliper. Ground up the outer 1" of rotor.
front wheel bearing SKF brand is $90 and FAG brand is $85. the bottom line CHINESE brand is $50

no pic of the SKF one


i remember this t5r i checked out a few years back it had a BAD (caps use to emphasize BAD) wheel bearing and the sound was like women and children screaming for their lives

ok not that bad but it was pretty awful
dont rule out a rear wheel bearing either, but odds are its a front one. The one on the axle rarely goes.
i listened while another person drived (stuck the head out the window, golden retreiver style). def right front.

Does the noise get worse when loading that corner? i.e. right/pass bearing makes more noise when turning left.
no diference other then while turning in an arc, one wheel will go faster. no difference while hitting a bump in the road (load/ unload)

any experience with the skg out there? (sorry might not have lived in cali long enough to put a fag on my car).
I think FAG is Italian, SKF... Swedish? now made in Korea or some Asian country anyhow. They probably all came out of the same factory. If you're so afraid of a ****ing name, just go with the cheap Chinese ****.