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G80 Tricks


Active member
Sep 24, 2003
Santa Barbara, CA
So, firstly we forgot to take pictures but sometimes its hard to remember when you're being extremely innovative and ground breaking.

Basically Tony and I installed a G80 locker in my 86 740 last night. We pulled the covers off both units and looked at them to try to figure out how to keep my speedometer functional.

I had given up on the whole having a speedo thing until suddenly Tony used some extremely high-level math skills and figured out that since my speedo ring had 12 bars on it and the G80 one had 48 he could simply cut 3, skip 1 from the G80 and I'd be left with 12 evenly spaced bars.

After a little discussion I said I was game to try it and he started cutting with the wheel.

Today I was able to check it against one of those speedometer checks on the interstate and it works perfectly.

We really should have taken pictures but it was really straight forward to do and a lot easier than swapping speedos and rewiring.

Edit: lol just saw tony's post about the same thing
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