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Glass 960 Sunroof seal source?

940 16 valve

Oct 22, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
Hi all

With my 760 build I transplanted a 960 glass sunroof thinking it's a much nicer look. I've learned that the seals seem to suck - in particular where the seam at the front is seems to leak and lift and then water gets between the glass and metal frame and it starts to rust (pulling back the seal - it's ugly in there).

Looks like seals are NLA - of course. It's getting harder and harder to daily drive an old brick. Anybody come up with a solution. I'm going to silicone the seal for now - but my inner perfectionist is bothered by the fact that there's rust in there - and the sunroof groans leaving my alley - which I think is the flex between the glass and the metal where it's rusted over the years.

I noticed the glass is stamped 43R - 005274 which is used on a lot of new Audi's, BMW's, Land rovers - but I suspect it's just the glass panel that is shared - probably the dimensions are slightly different with the seal and lower metal frame looking to be unique to the vehicle fitment.

Anybody else come across this?


I picked up this spare from the yard - looks just as bad as the one currently on the car (this one was from an S90 so I had high hopes it might be a bit better with being a few years newer). Planning to disassemble and see what I can learn.



Making Volvo Parts Fit
300+ Club
May 27, 2008
Rockland County, NY
Reach out to billy780 - he often has good condition 960/x90 parts. I pulled mine apart & derusted the lip to make sure moisture was not getting around the seal. Hopefully you used a high grade silicone, not one of those cheap water based jobs, that won't last.





Apr 21, 2021
I was under the impression that piece isn't actually a seal, in terms of keeping water out, it's more for just keeping out excess pine needles and general debris. If you're concerned about water getting inside the cabin/headliner, perhaps the drains need to be cleaned out. I personally would start with good flowing drains and then just try and salvage the old "seal".