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GM Alternator Swap

i grabbed a 90 or 100A bosch from a VW at the jy. it was about as straight forward as it gets, slight modification of the bracket on the car, slight modification of the tensioner bracket, and done.
hmm i just got a standard 90A bosch alternator from a volkswagen i think (but it doesnt matter), disassembled it, dissembled my old one and swapped the front cover between the two. 90A alternator + front from volvo unit = win.
iraggi 200amp cs-130 vs bosch 100amp
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This pro-power I got puts out 220 amp at maximum. Mechman includes a dyno sheet for the alternator. It has a nice big casing which allows a lot more cooling to go on. Its probably just as big as the bosch. Probably selling it soon enough.
Just did this swap today. Went to the wreckers with a rough idea of what it could be found in. They had one on the shelf from a '00 Safari that is basically brand new. So I grabbed it and turns out its a different mount style CS130D.




Top and bottom brackets are the same length, thats the only difference I can see.

I made it work without even modifying it. Only had to modify the tensioner bracket, drill everything out to 3/8 and use new bolts, since that was the size of the holes in the alt brackets. Oh, and make spacers for the bottom bracket.

On choosing a good GM Alternator Swap, I must say that the Motorcraft Brand ain't that bad to use. I've used that previously and a friend also tried that and it works good in our vehicle. I hope that all things will work out well as the days go by with your chosen Alternator Swap.
I've been having great success with the Ford 3G alternator, as found in the late '80s/early 90s 3.3 litre Sable/Taurus. 135 amps, internally regulated, 2 wire hookup, and there are plenty of v-belt pullies that work with it. Got one on my 244 and one on my 765, and we're putting one on Dale's 122.
what kind of mods to make this fit?