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Got my T5 in!


New member
Mar 8, 2004
North Attleboro, MA
I went and picked up my transmission today, loaded it into the back of the wagon and then got lost in RI, I hate driving down there, i always got lost!

Here are some pictures, one question I have though, the jegs site where I bought this thing said it was a super duty T5, this thing says TREMEC on it, is it the same thing? It's got a 10 spline input shaft the I took a picture of the output shaft, I didn't count though. I think this will work, the jegs site said that no modifications where needed to install this thing into a mustang, so it must be the same. I do know that it's strengthened though, because the torque specs are 330 ft lbs.





It's a noticable lighter than the M47 I pulled from a car the other day. The M47 strained my back, and this was no problem to pick up I can't wait to get it in! Sorry for any bad typing, I'm all jittery, I need to eat really bad!
You probably did in fact buy a Tremec. They make arguably the best T5 Upgrade out there. That should fit perfectly and be a ton stronger than almost any T5 out there. Plenty strong for almost any turbo red block out there!

I think that Tremec bought out Borg Warner or maybe just the T5 rights a couple of years ago and now makes the T5 as well as the stronger 3550 that looks a little different. At least you have a very new one and it is one of the strongest if not the strongest of the T5 family.

Philip Bradley
milkrocks: thanks for the reply, I wanted a 2nd opinion on wether or not it was the same, I was just confused by the tremec logo.

The transmission was 1207.07 shipped from Jegs, If it wasn't for doug showing the link to me I'd have a transmission from a junker sitting here now and who knows if it would be any good or not.
hey i live in dartmouth. think its possible for me to swing by with my camaro t5 tail housing. i wanna see how different teh tail housigs are. see if it looks like it will bolt onto teh mustange t5. fi ti will it migh tbe popssible with just swapping the internal shifter linkage to a gm one that teh mustange t5(more plentifule) might be able to have the shifter puished back. think teh best way to do this is compare them in person. and having a tranny out of a car is so much easier
yeah but what if its physically the same but has a slightly different bolt pattern. like closer or more spread out. just like the bellhousings have a different bolt pattern. just a thought.
Ummmm, the volvo input splines are 23 tooth.... But maybe all the T5's are 10 spline and you guys just have a way of making it work, I haven't looked into the swap much at all so I don't really know what I'm talking about.

And 330ft/lbs isn't quite adequate for "almost any turbo redblock out there" cause Linuxman51 dynoed in at 293ft/lbs with room for more on his F+T MSS 740.

Anyways, I'm not at all trying to rain on your parade, just wondering about some things, that's all. That's a sweet looking transmission!! I'm sure it'll be a hell of a lot nicer than the M46/7's are. I keep reading how much all these T5 guys love their tranny's.

I like you.

but do a search ;)

I DOUBT that our 330ft/lbs is ANYTHING like what a V8 mustangs is. They have instant torque... we have torque on demand and when the motor is ready for it. Case in point, if anyone is giving a durability test of a T5 I AM and I've yet to experience any issues. Even powershifting and chirping the 4th gear shift.

Volvo9, your going to love it! Whats the 5th gear? Im assuming its the .62 or what not. Thats the only draw back to the newer T5's as that 5th gear is REALLY tall. Dont attempt to get into it until your atleast doing 65 ;)
As a man in search of a T-5 myself, I'm really having a hard time finding a drawback to a very tall 5th gear when you have 4 other gears to play with till over 100mph. I don't know about yall, but I don't tend to get into many races that start at a hundred and one.
isaac said:
As a man in search of a T-5 myself, I'm really having a hard time finding a drawback to a very tall 5th gear when you have 4 other gears to play with till over 100mph. I don't know about yall, but I don't tend to get into many races that start at a hundred and one.

ahh true, but Im comparing to the earlier .72 5th gear (like mine). I think mine is perfect!
I would think that the taller 5th would be great for highway driving. It would keep your revs below 3000 at 70+.
Very nice, that's exactly what I've got in my V8 Volvo. It says Tremec because the T-5 is now made by Tremec, or TTC. But it is definitely not the transmission that people mean when they say, "I got me a Tremec". It kind of confused me, too, the first time I saw it.

Where did you pick it up from in RI? A truck depot I'm guessing?

If you did find that the .63 5th gear were too tall, D&D sells a gear kit that you can use to make it .73 instead, and you'd still have the World Class torque capacity.

On another note, the "Tremec" or TR3550 and the TKO version are being replaced by stronger units called the TKO-500 and TKO-600. They have the same dimensions as the original Tremec, which is slightly larger and heavier than the T-5. The TKO-600 will take 600 lb-ft of torque! Now that would be some peace of mind, eh? I'd bet they could be adapted to the redblock without much more work than the T-5 trans.

Too bad they don't shift quite as sweet as a T-5. But what the heck do you expect from something funneling that much torque! I'd learn to live with it. The TKO boxes must not shift too bad, though, I was once in the passenger seat for a WOT blast in a friend's car, he has a TKO in his V8 Volvo, and it looked like he was simply flicking his wrist, those shifts were fast!


I think it does have the taller 5th gear. That is pretty tall, the only thing I'd be worried about is if my engine would have the torque to pull the car along on a slightly inclined highway in 5th without using the turbo all the time.

if john parker at v-performance is out of town still? I can't get in touch with him, I've emailed and called, no answer. I need parts from him!
I like a lot of other guys did not have my speedometer ready to go when the trans was installed. I used an expandable freezeplug to seal the hole. Oil will come out or the hole! The point I wanted to make was with the .63 overdrive my T-5z has, the car runs really good at 2600 rpm. But the car is running 80 mph! The car is so quiet you do not realize how fast you are going. I do not drive my car in fifth much yet as I don't want to lug my new engine. Do not expect much acceleration in fifth.
This tall gear discussion is priceless, thanks Doug. 2800 rpms @ 80 mph is perfect. I am curious what difference the rear end makes. I currently have an 83 242Ti with the AW71 and often wondered if the T5 gearing would require the M46 rear end. It would be interesting to hear about the two tranny-rear end combinations and driveability.