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Haltech tuning


We Don't Roll
Dec 12, 2009
New Hampshire
Can't you just use a single trigger to synchronize the cam? What if you use a normal distributor as the sensor? Ground the center terminal, then use one of the four outer terminals as a trigger signal. Use a pullup resistor on the signal line and every time the distributor rotor hits that terminal, the signal goes to zero.

i'm not sure about the wiring of it but yes, it can be done with one sensor on the cam as long as it's missing tooth or has some means of knowing the location of the cam.


Nov 8, 2020
Hey man! I run an Elite 750 in my 16v 740. Love love love it. Update the ecu to run Nexus software first off, and never have issues. My advice for you- ditch the distributor and go to SpeedingParts- pick up their cam angle sensor adaptor and never look back, and use the factory hall crank sensor unless you’re running a pickup up front. LH2.4 sux, good riddance and welcome to the good stuff :))))) I’ve done thousands of miles with Haltech and it’s great stuff. Their software makes everything else look like an html site