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740 Help! Broken down in Pennsylvania on I81 at exit 141, dead transmission!


New member
Feb 19, 2006
Brookfield, CT
On my way to Tennessee, towing a trailer, transmission died.
If there's anyone in the area who can help me get off the highway and to a shop, please call me on my cell: 203-313-2971
Thanks, I appreciate it!
What an awesome experience.

Friend from another forum really hooked me up, grabbed my trailer which enabled me to limp off the highway and into the parking lot of where he works.

Put me up for the night at his lake house (Smith Mountain Lake, freaking beautiful, quiet as all get-out) and took my trailer back to his house until other friends of mine who are passing by Sunday can come grab it and bring it the rest of the way out here, and as he's a claims adjuster for Allstate insurance, he knows all the local yards. Found me a replacement xmission out of a '94 940 Turbo with only 71,000 miles, and lined up a friend of his who's a Volvo and Mercedes mechanic with his own shop AND a flatbed wrecker to do the swap.

I rented a car and made my way out to TN so all is well.

God is Good!
Thanks, fellas.

Grew up in NC, moved to CT in '78 for High School and split for the Army right after.

Don't know how I ended up back in CT but there I am. Been down here to Sparta TN a few times at a friends' farm, this time it's to look around for work and the right place to be.

Always loved Tennessee, time to do something about it.

There IS a lot of good in people out there. People have helped me out more times than I can say, even saved my life. Complete strangers.

71k xmission was unobtainable, as it turns out the salvage yard (Barkers, I believe) is "closed for inventory" the week between Christmas and New Years.

Jeff set to work finding another one, and boy did he. Strange Auto Parts in White Pine TN had an Asin AW71 out of a '95 940T that been inside on the shelf since, get this, 1998!

Apparently the car was totalled in 96/97 then sent to auction where Strange picked it up and stripped it down.

You ready for this? Car had 8,000 miles on it.

So, 2.5 hour drive from Sparta TN to White Pine TN, flipped those old boys 300 bucks, loaded it into the trunk of the rental and set off on the 4= hour leg back up to Wirtz VA to drop the xmission off at Lee's. Spent an hour or so there BS'ing with him while he flipped it on its' face and pulled the pan. Dang man it looked like new.

Said goodbye and hit the road for the 6ish hour drive back to Sparta.

Long day. I believe that was Monday though I don't rightly remember right now because it's a little after 10pm here local in Sparta and I left at 0230hrs this morning to drop the rental off at Roanoke airport and pick up my car from Lee. Had lunch with those guys out in Lexington VA then said so long and hit the road, again.

Arrived safe and sound in Sparta right around 8:30, car ran like a top and shifted like new.

Man, what an awesome experience. From soup to nuts, God had His hands all over this one. Never got worked up, met some great people who became fast friends, and saw some beautiful scenery (repeatedly, lol) that I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

So there ya go, have a couple weeks left here before heading back towards Home. Will be stopping in at Lee's for a transmish fluid change on my way by, and that'll be the end of this chapter.

Now to look for a more suitable tow vehicle, lol

Thanks for following along, y'all have a great weekend.