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HELP! idle surges than dies


New member
Nov 14, 2002
Yup, i've got a problem!
for the last month or so, gettin in neutral the idle would dip, surge to 1400 and then settle. Tonight coming from work it dipped, surged than died!! and it would keep doing that.......it would hold the idle at all.......

what could be the problem? Idle speed sensor??

its 11:30 pm right now, and wanted to shoot off this questino now so i can go in tommorow with some idea what to look at....
Be sure to check, clean and reaseat all the connections under the hood, check ALL of your Vacuum lines and hoses.

Try starting it with the AMM/MAS DISCONNECTED to see if it will keep running at idle, then plug it in at idle, if the Engine dies it's your AMM/MAS.

Sounds sort of like IAC (Idle Air Control), they can get pretty dirty and will need to be sprayed along with carburetor cleaner or perhaps it is failed.

Good luck with your problem!
the car runs fine though......

i drove it for about 15 km/h, it picks up fine, has top speed, doesnt die under boost ect ect, it just when it comes to idling it dies after one surge.
Still check the above, you never know............. Is it an '89 or newer? If it is then check for fault codes......... :e-shrug:

If it only dies at idle sounds also like a posible dirty Throttlebody, make sure it is cleaned, check your hoses and at least try cleaning the Idle Air Control Valve.

Good luck with your problem.............
Weird, but it doesnt do anything.........i just talked to it nicely, stroked the steering wheel a bit and the next morning it fired up nicely and drove 30 km just fine......

:e-shrug: i guess i got the magic touch