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Help me ID this T3 upgrade


New member
May 18, 2003
Santiago de Chile
When I decided to send my Garrett T3 turbocharger to Turbodal to be overhauled, the shop manager said to me that the stock compressor wheel looked TINY and he persuaded me to install a bigger compressor wheel. The fact is that he never told me what the new spec was but the new compressor wheel is definitively bigger. They enlarged the compressor housing so that the inducer is flush with the big diameter of the compressor housing outlet.

Can you guess what this new wheel spec is? I know is difficult from a picture but let's give it a try.
Thanks in advance.



I did ask but they never replied to me, then I forgot. I just want a quick advice on what it shoud be like now....maybe a T4 cold side?
NO, that T in the hose is just how they gave it to me after the overhaul. I installed a MBC in between. (compressor outlet-->MBC-->wastegate)
Ok, I measured the compressor wheel inducer: 1.9 in. Don't know about the exducer. So maybe this thing looks like a T3 Super 60???
It's currently not in the car because I've foung a big crack in the wastegate port.
compressor outlet is not a bad place to pull boost reference. looks like a 60 trim t3 wheel, but without any kind of measurement, it's hard to say.