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Mar 22, 2016
Escondido, CA
Not sure if this should be in this section. As the title suggests, I need help. I have been working on my 1990 240 for the past 2 years and have yet to have it up and running long enough to get it smogged. The starter was the last thing I just replaced and it was a monumental task as the PO used the wrong bolts and Loc-Tite. I have finally put it back together and now it doesn't want to start. It just sounds like it's cranking over and over. The battery is fully charged and both fuel pumps turn on when the key is on. I am in Socal in north county and was wondering if there is anyone local that could help. I have checked the forums and am a much better of a visual learner. I just wanna drive this sucker and enjoy it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Not necessarily the right section but I guess it is technically wanted. Maintaince and non performance is probably a better choice. If I was local I'd come help.

There are some good no start threads here that go over most of the options, work methodically to find out what doesn't work. Probably also worth doable checking you didn't unplug anything and forget about it
2 years!?!

Cranks but no start... fuel pump relay, crank position sensor, What ECU is in it... um it's got gas and a good fuel pump right?

Did you ever have it running?
Click on my signature for the basic no-start diag for the DIY tech. You will need a $10 incandescent test lamp and a $10 for two cans of brake cleaner.

Has the flex plate been removed and re-installed recently?
I have had the car running, before. I drove it down from its initial place to where it is now. It was running fine then the starter made a really bad grinding sound so I had to replace it. It has probably 10 gallons of 93, fuel pumps both turn on and work. I'm going to go over and check all the connections to see if I am missing something.
Take the oil filler cap off and confirm the cam is turning.

Read my no start thread. ---Confirm spark, clear flood, use brake cleaner.
240 has a starter jumper wire at the center of the firewall. Make a jumper wire, shove a stripped end in there if you gotta, and slap the other end to positive.

It's a blue/yellow wire with a female spade terminal. No helper needed!
Thanks, I am going through the no start diagnosis right now. I have spark at the coil will be testing to see if the fuel injectors are working as I pulled them from a JY car. If they don't I will put in my stock ones and send the others in for cleaning. I don't know if it would cause an issue but my car had the cold start injector but I switched out the intake to remove it. I plugged it back in so we will see. The cold start is a huge pain in the ass to do anything fuel related as it just gets in the way.
Just be careful with the fumes if you are running it on brake cleaner or similar. Hot (>500C) brake cleaner can decompose into phosgene, a WWI war gas.
Quick update, I sprayed brake cleaner and had my daughter crank. Still same sound and no start. Then I paid more attention to the belts and noticed that everything was moving except for the camshaft belt and found what looks like a chewed up washer behind the tensioner. Any idea what that could be. When I try and manually crank the engine the cam belt doesn't rotate.
So looks like the camshaft dowel broke off and destroyed the washer behind the cam gear. I took the camshaft off and there is scoring on the #2 cap. The other caps are fine and smooth to the touch. I will try and add some photos.