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High wattage H4 and H3 bulbs?

Sir Psycho

holstrich 2.0
Sep 27, 2008
Austin TX
Just wired my fog E-codes directly to the battery with relays. Light output is a lot better now.
What H4 and H3 bulbs are you guys running? I want something higher wattage than whatever my headlights came with. Mostly white spectrum that's a little blue would be nice. I'd also really like some amber tinted fog H3s.

I've seen Daniel Stern's website and checked out www.rallylights.com.
4000k-5000k HID is good for clarity on the human eye. Some here will say NO HIDz, but a quality 5000k kit will produce an almost pure white light, and give better clarity on the road. I have ****ty night vision and need a HID bulb to see clearly. When I say quality, I mean something like a Morimoto Elite kit, which I have on my Lincoln LS. I have the 5000k kit.