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Hourglass bushing removal or installation


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2016
Livermore, CA
I haven't dealt with the hourglass shaped bushings before and now have a set of torque rods with them. They seem like it would be easier to remove and install than the standard cylindrical bushings with the metal sleeve. Is that the case?

Is the prevailing guidance to still go with poly for the torque rods and rubber on the trailing arm? The goal for the car is comfortable long distance driving with a load in the back.
I would use the rubber bushings for the earlier setup like that. They are solid rubber and if you are looking more for the comfort side of things they work well. I usually install and remove them with a large vise. Some lubricant and they usually install easily.
Nice, well between the hourglass bushings and my new TAB tool replacing any bushings should be pretty easy this time around.
IPD has been selling AquaLube waterproof grease for their poly bushings for as long as I can remember and they still do and that's what we use and recommend.

We use a silicone spray lubricant we get from our local Ace hardware store to install the rubber hourglass bushings.

Definitely grease the hell out of poly if you go that route, or some soapy water for the rubber ones to make your life easier...