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How to program the Homelink in your Volvo (P2 but might apply to others)


creative mastermind
May 31, 2002
Cary, NC
This is more for my own reference because it seems once a year or so i wipe my codes on my Liftmaster Professional 1/3hp openers or on either the 2001 v70 or the 2004 R was the latest one... and it takes me damn near a month of screwing around to figure out what i did to get it to work. Eventually i end up finding the very last reply to a thread on swedespeed that explains it better. The directions are confusing from the manual if you dont have this one key piece of information:

1. You have to train the car's homelink system with the controller button first, THEN train the garage opener to the car with the rolling-code learning process.

I cant imagine anyone still having a non-rolling code opener these days. (standard since 1996?) So the instructions make you wipe out the homelink's codes first, then try and do the learning process by hitting the button on the garage opener and running back to your car like a mad man to press the visor over and over again like a moron. So to avoid this, follow instead these very clear and accurate instructions:

  1. Turn your car key on to position II
  2. Press and hold buttons 1 and 3 on your visor for a long time (20 seconds at least) until the homelink light goes from solid to fast flashing. Release buttons.
  3. Leave key in position II and hold the button down on your garage door remote... then press and hold the homelink number 1 (or whatever you want to assign it to).
  4. Release both the controller and the visor and now go into your garage and press the "learn" (smart, train, etc) button on the back of your garage door opener. The light should change to indicate you're in learning mode.
  5. Get back to your car within 30 seconds and press and hold the number 1 again for 2 seconds and the garage opener light should flash telling you IT has now learned the car signal.
  6. Turn off ignition/remove key. Car visor and controller should now work normally on the door. Repeat for multiple doors.