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Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN)


Chinese guy/Swedish rides
Aug 15, 2008
Vancouver, Canada

All the way back from the first page. Still one of my favourite photos of a 240 ever. Inspiration for mine!


Aug 3, 2009
Portland, Oregon
Yeah you're kind of holding him to standards that you set. Nobody said it was the best 240 eva. Or that it was finished for the matter. If a missing shifter boot and beltline trim is considered halfass then i dont know what to say. I mean if thats all there is to ruin a car for you then you really didnt like 240s to begin with.

And also its a wagon. Anywhere he mounts the battery is behind the driver seat lol

it didn't fit captain anal's standards ok


Hey, that's Forg's Big Red Car. His grandkids are going to die of old age before he gets it back from Gerry, but it's definitely one of the nicer 240s in Australia.

I really like the style he's done that car in.