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Inspiration -- 240 Style (DONT POST YOUR OWN)


I love this one. "Honey,PLEASE come home,I haven't seen you in weeks"! Almost done,Babe.
i had no idea 1 thread could hold so much win... i'm now rethinking everything my parents ever told me.


same car. first he had a whiteblock, now 16v turbo

I remember reading that somewhere too -- something about smog laws/DMV laws in Sweden that made the 16v easier to register than the 6 cyl or something. Either way, both versions of that car are incredible. However I'm quite partial to the 16v iteration.

Just everything about this car makes me all giggity.












OMG! A steering quickener!!! GASP! Can't believe he drives it with that?!!

I know, right?!?! His mullet must be rockin'! :-P

What does that do? Turn the wheels "quicker" I am assuming? So its probably really touchy?

Yup, another solution instead of a quick rack. Rob is poking fun because Adrian posted a thread about quick ratio racks and mentioned several times that quickeners were only for mullet heads. Well, not those words exactly, but you know.
I can't draw, but I have an idea of what I want locked up in my head. It's always been there since I owned the 240. Cam, you helped me get partway towards realizing that vision, and in fact, you helped me leap frog about 2/3rds of that process. And for that I thank you.
I found photos I saved from the very first email from Dan... Gave me goosebumps and I got all excited just like the first time. I went out five minutes later to the driveway and washed her down. :)
I can't find a picture of the car that started me off on Volvo's. It was my neighbors 1800es. Actually he had 2 and I haven't been the same since.
There was a Black 240 sedan in bilsport years ago, I used to have the article in PDF, can't remember if it was 2 doors or 4, with a twin turbo 6. Definitely an inspiration to me...

Brett wtf are you babbling about?